Monday, January 23, 2012

Learning about Alexandre Iannuzzi

His goals and interests

Many students around the world have their life planned. Many believe that studies brings you to reach all the goals you have ever thought. Others think the goals comes from inspirations. Alexandre Iannuzzi was his point of view about: his goals and his interests in his life. Being a student in Saint-Laurent College, he focus his times and his passion in theatre and comedy. Goals are being divided in three sections: short-term, intermediate and long term goals. This student believe that in a short-term of his studies, he can't afford to fail any of his classes or even give up any courses. By putting your heart and your mind into it, this student believe that anyone can overcome what they started.Then Alexandre believes in intermediate goals, where he will be accepted in a French theatre school.Where he wants to show the world that we all need to laugh an smile in your life. Comedian is a hard job, but its what his heart wants for a future. Finally, this young future comedian wants to have a long term goal, that would be to settle in a life with a future wife. Most students don't think of what their own goals are or even what will they become.

I would like to introduce Alexandre Iannuzzi a young student from Saint-Laurent College. You'll be learning about this young student how he firmly believe in his goals. We will devide theses goals in three parts, such as short-term, intermediate and long term goals. To start of Alexandre doesnt wanna fail any of his classes he believes that he can overcome all his grades with good marks if he really but his heart into his studies. He wants to be able to push himself to work harder and succeed. He's also intrested in being accepted in the theatrical school. He prefers comedies then drama because he wants the audience to be laughing and feeling his caracters through all the show. He believe in a good comedie when you can freely express yourself trought a crowd. In a long term goal, he believe he should be seetle with a wife and kids. He throughly believe finding a soul and to make it through good and bad times. He wants like any human being be able to support his family no matter what.

We will also be interest to see his interest in life. He loves music like most of us. He learned last session to play piano in less then a year. He loves to incorporate music in his theater. He will like to improve his skills in piano and in singing to be able to play in a musical play. Sports are dueable for him, he really needs to but his heart and effort in it to be good at it. He knows that by trying and pushing yourself you can become better and be able to show others what your capable of doing in your life.